Casale Online Mini-Symposia Series

To celebrate its 100th anniversary, Casale in collaboration with the Section Catalysis of the Swiss Chemical Society (SwissCat) is launching a new series of online mini symposia. Interested researchers from all over the world are cordially invited to participate and to learn about the latest developments in the fields of homogeneous, heterogeneous and bio-catalysis.

Company Profile

Casale is a global provider of integrated solutions for the production of fertilizers and chemicals.

Thanks to its complete technology portfolio, Casale is among the few licensors that can provide the entire production chain of nitrogenous and phosphate fertilizers (Ammonia, Urea, Nitric Acid, Nitrates and Phosphates), as well as Melamine, Methanol, and Syngas.

Drawing upon its creativity and thanks to significant investment in the development of core technologies and know-how, Casale is nowadays able to assist the customers, not only for plant retrofits but also for new plants, with a comprehensive range of services and products as summarized below:

  • know-how and licensing of core technologies
  • full range of engineering services, from feasibility studies to basic, FEED and detail design
  • equipment and materials supply
  • site assistance and site construction services
  • long term assistance throughout the whole life of a plant.

The company was established in Lugano (Switzerland) in 1921 with the purpose to license the ammonia process newly developed by its founder Luigi Casale. CASALE is nowadays is a privately owned Swiss Company, wholly owned by CASALE HOLDING, with headquarters in Lugano (Switzerland). A network of representatives ensures professional and timely assistance all over the world.

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