Casale-Mini Symposium #1, June 8, 2021 - online event
«Overview on research in the field of CO2 capture, storage and utilization»

We are happy and proud to invite you the first SCS/Casale Mini-Symposium 2021.

The industry will have to reduce carbon emissions, reaching the net zero target in the next decades. At the same time industry will have to continue producing carbon containing molecules and products with  zero emissions. This is a challenging goal that need to be achieved developing the utilization of CO2 within a new carbon cycle. Casale believes that the development of novel highly-efficient technologies that aim at fully decarbonized industry can be achieved together with Universities in strict scientific collaborations.

With this mini symposium Casale wants to highlight some of the research conducted in Swiss Universities in the field of CO2 capture, storage and utilization. The mini symposium is in concomitance with the 100 Years of CASALE SA.



Welcome to the Casale Mini-Symposium Series and Introduction on the Industrial challenges on CO2.
Michal Bialkowski, R&D Division Head of Casale SA


Prof. Marco Mazzotti, ETH Zürich
«Overview on Carbon Capture and Storage»


Prof. Raffaella Buonsanti, EPFL Valais, Sion
«Electrocatalytic Valorization of CO2»


Prof. André Bardow, ETH Zurich
«Pathways towards a carbon-neutral chemical industry»

After every talk we have 10 minutes for Q&A.

Annual Assembly 2021 of SwissCat
Prof. Javier Perrez-Ramirez, ETHZ and Prof. Matthias Arenz, University of Bern

End of the event